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Dennis Crabtree

My friend Dennis Crabtree is a deerhunter's deerhunter. I met him on a bowhunt in the early 80's when Fred Wallace of Bowhunter Magazine invited both of us on a hunt in West Virginia. One day it was deathly cold and windy and Dennis and I were the only ones that hunted. I was impressed, not everybody has that extra drive. Dennis was grunting (he calls it "urping") deer with his own voice 15 years before the first grunt tube was introduced and I'm never forget him demonstrating it for me. He is a guy that loves hunting with the bow and has a great respect for the outdoors and the whitetail deer. And he always has time for hunters who are newbees and deerhunters who want to know more about hunting them. He loves sitting in the woods seeing deer and does it regularly, year round. He knows bowhunting for whitetail deer like very few others do. Dennis is the bomb! ..................... Robert Hoague

Hi, I'm Dennis Crabtree and I've put in 27 yrs Bowhunting Whitetail, as well as other big game. I have hunted only with the bow since 1976 and have lost count of how many kills l have. I have harvested Whitetails in 4 different states. I support hunting by being an Honorary Life Member Ohio Bowhunters Association, conducting International Bowhunter Education Classes, have done a few Whitetail Hunting Seminars, annual contributor to The Wildlife Legislative Fund Of America, and am a past member of the Professional Bowhunters Society and the American Broadhead Collectors Club. Other hunters contact me frequently to help find their animals and we usually find them. 

Deer Lures and Rattling Bucks are my thing and I have extensive experience it these two areas. l have never been arrested for violating a hunting law of any kind. And yes l have killed a few Big Whitetails, but also missed some too. My biggest complaint is that hunters in general shoot too many year an a half old bucks and then they wonder why they never see a Big One.

l practice "Catch And Release" Buck Hunting and get alot of satisfaction from knowing that l could have taken him but didn't. And just maybe in 3 or 4 yrs l will.

Here are a couple of pictures of some deer that I didn't release.

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